Bon Voyage

bon voyage pic

Paleo Madeline is taking a little work vacation for the week to the Big Apple (good thing it’s paleo).  I leave on a red eye tonight and my carry on is packed with almonds, dried mango (traveling always gives me a sweet tooth), jerky and of course a TON of water.  Staying hydrated and paleo […]

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These chocolate chunk cookies are about as close to perfectly paleo as you can get (minimal vanilla extract and only 1/4 cup dark dark chocolate), and they are absolutely delicious.  I’ve tried out 4-5 paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes, and have literally had to throw some batches away.  In my opinion, the usage of the nuts […]

Product Spotlight: The Right Tools

right tools

Picture yourself about to climb up a mountain you’ve never seen before.  You could probably get up there with no help, but you might have some cuts, bruises and dirt on you at the end.  You’ll probably get lost, so you’ll wind up at the top way after sunset.  Probably in a pretty bad mood […]

We’re All Kids – Coconut Chicken Fingers with Dipping Sauce

Fying chicken fingers

By nature, I am an extremely playful person – I love to let my inner child out (sometimes a little TOO much).   The other night when I was getting ready to cook, I wanted to make something that resembled comfort food – something new, and something fun!  What’s more fun than getting all messy creating […]

Get Your Greens On – Kale Salad


So although I do a TON of cooking, my honey F is actually quiet the paleo chef as well.  The other night, I was wrapped up with a work event and came home to some deliciously grilled cilantro chicken breasts and a brand new creation of his on the side. As I’ve mentioned in previous […]

Maybe the Best Dessert Ever – Fried Apples

fried apples

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a bit of a dessert fiend.  I always have been, and when I switched to paleo, I definitely stayed a dessert fiend – I’ve always got paleo chocolate chunk cookies, coconut milk ice cream, etc around (in moderation of course).  This dessert I am about to share with you […]

Good Morning Sunshine – Easy Breakfast Casserole

bfast casserole

I will be the absolute first person to admit that I am NOT a morning person.  Every once in a while, I’ll wake up feeling energized and kind of snap out of bed, talkative and cheery.  But I’m talking like that happens about twice a year.  Every other morning I never want to get up, […]

Paleo Grocery Shopping List


Typically, my wheelhouse for this blog is to post recipes.  However, last night I was thinking about my journey to eating paleo.  Personally, I started slow – I wanted to make healthy, paleo meals for my boyfriend who owns CrossFit South Bay.  Eventually, paleo dinners a few nights a week lead to eating paleo leftovers […]

You’re My Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream 6

There are few things I love to make more than paleo desserts.  This past week, I was treating F to something special for a big accomplishment of his, and I decided to whip up some paleo ice cream.  Paleo ice cream can be made a variety of ways with lots of different ingredient combos.  Personally, […]