Crispy Pancetta Chips


There are two truths.  1) I love to watch football.  And, 2) I love to eat junk food while I watch football.  Now, I KNOW I am not alone in those principles.  Who else’s diet goes to complete crap when Fall rolls around and every Sunday is suddenly filled with pitchers of Shocktop, nachos, wings, […]

Chicken Pesto Pizza


I’ve maybe only met one or two people in my entire life that don’t like pizza.  If you don’t like pizza, you are an alien.  Or probably not my friend. Either way, your loss.  Making a paleo pizza is an awesome way to help you through the initial week of trying the Paleo diet – […]

Strawberry Apple Pie


My first dessert post in a while!  And I’ve got to say…it feels good.  Nothing inspires me like a good dessert, so if you’re anything like me, you’re going to like this pie.  I adapted this recipe from a strawberry rhubarb pie found here, but I’ve never had rhubarb and although it is fun to […]

Lunch Time Roll-Up

Simple and tasty...what else can you ask for

So, you may hate me for posting this “recipe” – even calling it a recipe is a stretch. You may be thinking “wow Ashley, you’re a regular Chef Boyardee.” Or maybe you’re thinking just a simple “sweet idea bro.”  I also realize that “Lunch Time Roll Up” sounds like a dance.  Maybe it should be. […]

Curry Chicken Salad

Food rainbow

Lunchtime is probably the biggest pain in the butt meal time for me when it comes to eating Paleo.  I know exactly what I want for breakfast and that’s easy, and I usually put on my Chef Boyardee hat for dinner.  But for lunch, I just want something that is easy (preferably already finished), cold […]

Coconut Shrimp


I am beyond thrilled to be back in a position in life where I am able to start blogging with Paleo Madeline again.  Sharing recipes and inspiring others to cook and have fun with food is something that really fulfills me.  Shifting your lifestyle from always buying ready-made food/eating out to preparing food for yourself […]