About Paleo Madeline

Welcome to Paleo Madeline!  Paleo Madeline is meant to be a fun, creative place where you can come to have a few laughs over my cooking adventures as I make my way through  constantly improving and evolving my paleo lifestyle.

Why the name Paleo Madeline?  To remind everyone not to take life too seriously.  Madeline, for those unfamiliar, was a carefree, adventerous, mischevious, courageous character in a set of children’s storybooks (who I was often compared to as a child).  Too often we all get caught up in stressing over things – family, work, school, diet, exercise, friends, etc.  Sometimes we all need to re-set and be a little more like Madeline — and just relax, do what we love and ENJOY what is around us in a child-like fashion.

My CrossFit and Paleo Journey

After an extremely athletic childhood and highschool years, in my early adult life I began to truly miss the comraderie and atmosphere of team sports, which led me to try CrossFit at CrossFit South Bay in August of 2010.  I was immediately hooked from the start, and have had quite a wild ride so far.  I had hardly any strength when I began (reference picture below of me crying doing a 15lb thruster during “Fran” in onramp).  Now I can string together kipping pullups, deadlift well over my bodyweight, and even power clean my bodyweight.  Although I still have MANY more goals to achieve, I feel strong, accomplished and happy with my fitness level.  CrossFit emphasizes the importantance of goals in my life – I love waking up every day to go challenge myself in a new way and keep improving!  I truly believe a good athlete is never finished with his or her fitness journey.

After spending about a year as a student of CrossFit, I became a certified Level 1 instructor in July of 2011.  I’ve also completed the CF Football & CF Coaches Prep certifications, and I NEVER want to stop learning about the CrossFit world.  Coaching at CF South Bay brings me such a different kind of joy that is genuinely unmatched in my life.  I run our beginner program called “On-Ramp” as well as teaching a mix of the regular classes, and I additionally run a lot of our nutrition programming (Paleo Challenges, consulting, etc).

August 2010 “BEFORE” – get that 15lb bar girl

Before joining CrossFit South Bay, I had never heard of paleo, much less things like almond meal, macnut butter, kale, or “healthy fat”.  My diet wasn’t horrible, but I definitely had my fair share of pasta, bread, crackers, desserts, dairy, etc.  Now my cabinets and fridge are stocked with coconut oil and coconut flakes, sardines, bacon fat and bunches upon bunches of DLGS.  My slow cooker is always on, and my shot glass rack has transformed into a spice rack.

DISCLAIMER:  I absolutely love to cook and love eating paleo – but let me be 110% honest – I AM NOT PERFECT, nor am I the perfect 100% paleo role model!  I typically stick pretty close to 90% paleo/10% non-paleo.  I have glasses of red wine often (although I rarely binge drink or have hard alcohol), paleo treats and dark chocolate are definitely allowed in my house, and sometimes even a non paleo treat worms its way in (ice cream sandwiches should be outlawed).  However, I am proud that I live a life that is predominately gluten, sugar, grain and dairy free, and stuffed to the brim with fresh, healthy produce and protien that would make any caveman proud.

Repping CFSB

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