Banana Blueberry Muffins


Yesterday I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed for the 6AM CrossFit class, meaning that when I got off work, I was a free woman.  I even took off from work a little bit early, and spent my free few hours doing what I find most relaxing — cooking.  I picked out a […]

Too Easy Tuna Salad

too tired

Today is definitely one of those days: I didn’t brush my hair when I woke up, I promptly spilled coffee all over my white sweater, everyone is after me at work, and I feel like I slept about 20 minutes last night. Needless to say, I was NOT in the mood to make lunch.  After […]

Product Spotlight: The Paleo Oils


One of the staples in paleo cooking and eating is getting your healthy fats in with every meal.  People often point to the oils as a great source of healthy fat – olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.  Paleo beginners often have never even heard of some of these products, and it can get a bit overwhelming […]

Borderline-Paleo Cupcakes

paleo cupcake

DANGER:  These cupcakes may accidentally cause you to eat the entire batch in 48 hours.  I’m just warning you.  It’s not normal how delicious these are.  Now that you’ve been properly prepared….. NEXT WARNING:  These cupcakes are definitley for the borderline paleo crew.  Strict paleo-ites won’t approve of these – I barely approved of the […]

Paleo Co-Op

paleo co-op

My amazing CrossFit (not to brag and definitely NOT biased), CFSB, is full of people that follow the paleo diet to varying degrees.  There are your die-hard, paleo plus kids that don’t eat nightshades and have steak for breakfast.  There your 80/20 folks that love a good new paleo recipe and often accompany it with […]

Paleo Chicken Not-Noodle Soup to the Rescue

not noodle soup

Hello paleo princes and princesses – my extended absence after my NYC trip for work has been due to a flu that quite frankly kicked my ass.  It came around on Sunday after the exhaustion set in from NYC followed directly by a day of wine tasting for my roommate’s birthday.  You know how it goes […]

Bon Voyage

bon voyage pic

Paleo Madeline is taking a little work vacation for the week to the Big Apple (good thing it’s paleo).  I leave on a red eye tonight and my carry on is packed with almonds, dried mango (traveling always gives me a sweet tooth), jerky and of course a TON of water.  Staying hydrated and paleo […]

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These chocolate chunk cookies are about as close to perfectly paleo as you can get (minimal vanilla extract and only 1/4 cup dark dark chocolate), and they are absolutely delicious.  I’ve tried out 4-5 paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes, and have literally had to throw some batches away.  In my opinion, the usage of the nuts […]

Product Spotlight: The Right Tools

right tools

Picture yourself about to climb up a mountain you’ve never seen before.  You could probably get up there with no help, but you might have some cuts, bruises and dirt on you at the end.  You’ll probably get lost, so you’ll wind up at the top way after sunset.  Probably in a pretty bad mood […]