Cavemen Had More Free Time


I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while now, continuing to trick myself into believing that I could work 50 hours a week, coach 10 hours a week, keep up my amazing website, train at CFSB every day, cook Paleo meals every night, be a great girlfriend, sister and friend AND remain a sane […]

Paleo Mayonnaise Two Ways

Try not to eat it all with a spoon!

One of the little things people tend to overlook when first switching to paleo is their condiments.  Paleo beginners will be diligent about meals and snacks, but still use their same mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce etc not realizing these condiments generally will be packed with sugars and yucky additives.  Making your own condiments can be […]

“Faileo” – Cheat Recovery


I figured the 5th of July was probably a pretty good time to write a post about recoving from “Faileo” – a disease that sweeps the nation around major partying holidays, break-ups, good weather, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathons.  You have “faileo” if: (1) you forgot what DLG stands for, (2) you just ate […]

Nutty Berry Protein Balls and Snacking

nutty blueberry balls

All right, go ahead and get all your jokes out about the title….because how DELICIOUS, easy and good for you these little balls are is no joking matter.  If you’re looking for a fast snack recipe, this is for you.  Parents, these will be a hit with your kids in their lunches or for an […]

Joining a CSA – “Farm Fresh to You”

It's like Christmas every Tuesday!

Joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) is something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time — see my past post where I was weighing the pro’s and con’s here.  After wandering around Fiesta Hermosa a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning with my roommate (sober…one of the few!), collecting Luna Bar samples […]

Product Spotlight: The Paleo Oils


One of the staples in paleo cooking and eating is getting your healthy fats in with every meal.  People often point to the oils as a great source of healthy fat – olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.  Paleo beginners often have never even heard of some of these products, and it can get a bit overwhelming […]

Paleo Co-Op

paleo co-op

My amazing CrossFit (not to brag and definitely NOT biased), CFSB, is full of people that follow the paleo diet to varying degrees.  There are your die-hard, paleo plus kids that don’t eat nightshades and have steak for breakfast.  There your 80/20 folks that love a good new paleo recipe and often accompany it with […]

Product Spotlight: The Right Tools

right tools

Picture yourself about to climb up a mountain you’ve never seen before.  You could probably get up there with no help, but you might have some cuts, bruises and dirt on you at the end.  You’ll probably get lost, so you’ll wind up at the top way after sunset.  Probably in a pretty bad mood […]

Get Your Greens On – Kale Salad


So although I do a TON of cooking, my honey F is actually quiet the paleo chef as well.  The other night, I was wrapped up with a work event and came home to some deliciously grilled cilantro chicken breasts and a brand new creation of his on the side. As I’ve mentioned in previous […]