Product Spotlight: MMMM Fish Oil

Mr. Fish says take your fish oil!

If you had told me ten years, five years, or even one year ago that I would be sitting down spending some of my free time convincing people to ingest something call “fish oil,” I would have called you every kind of crazy this side of the Misssissippi.  So before you roll your eyes and […]

Product Spotlight: The Paleo Oils


One of the staples in paleo cooking and eating is getting your healthy fats in with every meal.  People often point to the oils as a great source of healthy fat – olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.  Paleo beginners often have never even heard of some of these products, and it can get a bit overwhelming […]

Product Spotlight: The Right Tools

right tools

Picture yourself about to climb up a mountain you’ve never seen before.  You could probably get up there with no help, but you might have some cuts, bruises and dirt on you at the end.  You’ll probably get lost, so you’ll wind up at the top way after sunset.  Probably in a pretty bad mood […]

Maybe the Best Dessert Ever – Fried Apples

fried apples

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a bit of a dessert fiend.  I always have been, and when I switched to paleo, I definitely stayed a dessert fiend – I’ve always got paleo chocolate chunk cookies, coconut milk ice cream, etc around (in moderation of course).  This dessert I am about to share with you […]

Product Spotlight: Trader Joe’s Southern Greens Mix


I’ve always thought myself to be a little bit Southern at heart – I’m super sweet (suuure), hospitable, I love plantation style houses and petticoats, I think the SEC is pretty corrupt but kind of badass, and obviously I’m a Republican.  So, it’s no wonder that I loved this little bag of magic that marrys […]

Product Spotlight: Sparkling Water and Spring Ice Cubes!

sparkling water

When I first started eating Paleo, one of the things that was the hardest to give up was Diet Pepsi.  I literally used to drink about 5-6 Diet Pepsi’s a day.  If I had died and during the autopsy they had cut open my stomach, the whole autopsy room would be covered in Diet Pepsi […]

Product Spotlight: Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

Meet kale chips!

While in Orlando/Disney World aka sugar hell, one of the foods I relied heavily upon was Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips.  These kale chips are baked with 3 different flavor combos (all perfectly paleo of course): bombay curry, zesty nacho, and ranch. Pros:  Extremely tasty, high nutritional content, DEFINITELY solves chip/cracker cravings, easy for traveling/office/on-the-go Cons: […]

Summer-is-almost-here Smoothie

Mango Puree is such an easy ingredient!

After struggling for 10 days in Orlando for ESPN the Weekend attempting to stay paleo in a land of temptation (it was a lot of canned sardines, coconut flakes, Luna bars, etc), I am so happy to be back home and to my cupboards that are stuffed to the bring with paleo goodness.  I mean, […]