Crispy Pancetta Chips


There are two truths.  1) I love to watch football.  And, 2) I love to eat junk food while I watch football.  Now, I KNOW I am not alone in those principles.  Who else’s diet goes to complete crap when Fall rolls around and every Sunday is suddenly filled with pitchers of Shocktop, nachos, wings, […]

Lunch Time Roll-Up

Simple and tasty...what else can you ask for

So, you may hate me for posting this “recipe” – even calling it a recipe is a stretch. You may be thinking “wow Ashley, you’re a regular Chef Boyardee.” Or maybe you’re thinking just a simple “sweet idea bro.”  I also realize that “Lunch Time Roll Up” sounds like a dance.  Maybe it should be. […]

Curry Chicken Salad

Food rainbow

Lunchtime is probably the biggest pain in the butt meal time for me when it comes to eating Paleo.  I know exactly what I want for breakfast and that’s easy, and I usually put on my Chef Boyardee hat for dinner.  But for lunch, I just want something that is easy (preferably already finished), cold […]

Snack Attack – Spiced Nuts


One of my personal paleo pitfalls is snacking.  I’ll do great, eating healthy, fresh food for my meals…and then get lured by the chips, dips, candy, etc at work…or the Coffee Bean downstairs that is begging me to eat a rice krispie treat…and BOOM it’s over.  Creating your own paleo snacks ahead of time for […]

Bacon Laced Brussel Sprouts

bacon and brussels

I’m all about giving credit where credit is due.  And right now credit is definitely due to one of my best friends and her fiance.  She came up with this bacon brussel sprout goodness and was nice enough to spread the wealth and share it with me.  When she was explaining it to me at […]

“Kitchen Sink” Chicken Salad


We’ve all been in that moment: you open your fridge, looking for something to eat.  There isn’t anything made, but you do have 1/2 of a red onion, two stalks of asparagus, one leaf of kale, and a leftover chicken breast all about to go bad in like 10 minutes unless you eat them immediately.  […]

Pumpkin Coffee Muffins

Breakfast, snack, or even dessert!

Ohhh fall.  To be honest, I was never a big fan of fall until I became an adult.  I hated when school started, I didn’t like when it got cold, and Halloween/Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday combo.  However, I’ve grown up to appreciate lots of great things about fall: football season, comfy knit sweaters […]

Scallop and Shrimp Ceviche

Perfect for a hot summer day!

Citrus is undoubtedly one of my favorite tastes.  Give me some lime or lemon zest, and I’m on board.  I even tend to make a little Ziploc baggie of lime/lemon slices and carry it with me to work to flavor my water.  This was my first time making ceviche, and I was a little skeptical […]

Paleo Onion Rings

MMMM onion rings without the deep fried yuckiness!

No, your eyes do not deceive you.  Yes, you actually just read something that says “paleo onion rings.”  I experimentally whipped these up last week with low expectations, and we wound up being blown away.  These are great for entertaining (albeit a little messy), and also one of those great dishes for your family/friends/neighbors/kids that […]