Peach and Cantelope Cobbler

peach cantelope cobbler

I actually have to be honest – I didn’t have one bite of this cobbler.  I made it, and then wasn’t feeling well that night so I didn’t dip into it, and lo and behold next time I went around to try it, it was gone.  Forrest claimed Cappie ate it, but I’m pretty sure […]

Key Lime Pie

Dessert is my favorite food group

A few girlfriends and I had a fabulous time last weekend having a little “backyard BBQ” themed potluck.  With everyone bringing yummy veggie kabobs, creating hummus patties, and tossing together luscious salads galore, I figured I would go ahead and bring a dessert.  Enter paleo key lime pie.  My friend Danielle had actually made this […]

Watermelon Lime Popsicles

1 Step Recipes = best ever

Summer is definitely here, and as June gloom fades away, it’s time to bring in all the fun things that summer has to offer – dinners outside on warm nights, 4th of July craziness, beach days, vacations and of COURSE – popsicles! Popsicles are fun no matter what your age (if you disagree, you must […]

Nutty Berry Protein Balls and Snacking

nutty blueberry balls

All right, go ahead and get all your jokes out about the title….because how DELICIOUS, easy and good for you these little balls are is no joking matter.  If you’re looking for a fast snack recipe, this is for you.  Parents, these will be a hit with your kids in their lunches or for an […]

Borderline-Paleo Cupcakes

paleo cupcake

DANGER:  These cupcakes may accidentally cause you to eat the entire batch in 48 hours.  I’m just warning you.  It’s not normal how delicious these are.  Now that you’ve been properly prepared….. NEXT WARNING:  These cupcakes are definitley for the borderline paleo crew.  Strict paleo-ites won’t approve of these – I barely approved of the […]

Bon Voyage

bon voyage pic

Paleo Madeline is taking a little work vacation for the week to the Big Apple (good thing it’s paleo).  I leave on a red eye tonight and my carry on is packed with almonds, dried mango (traveling always gives me a sweet tooth), jerky and of course a TON of water.  Staying hydrated and paleo […]

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These chocolate chunk cookies are about as close to perfectly paleo as you can get (minimal vanilla extract and only 1/4 cup dark dark chocolate), and they are absolutely delicious.  I’ve tried out 4-5 paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes, and have literally had to throw some batches away.  In my opinion, the usage of the nuts […]

Maybe the Best Dessert Ever – Fried Apples

fried apples

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a bit of a dessert fiend.  I always have been, and when I switched to paleo, I definitely stayed a dessert fiend – I’ve always got paleo chocolate chunk cookies, coconut milk ice cream, etc around (in moderation of course).  This dessert I am about to share with you […]

You’re My Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream 6

There are few things I love to make more than paleo desserts.  This past week, I was treating F to something special for a big accomplishment of his, and I decided to whip up some paleo ice cream.  Paleo ice cream can be made a variety of ways with lots of different ingredient combos.  Personally, […]