Here’s a list of recommended resources to help you have a great time with your paleo cooking and lifestyle.

Recommended Blogs: — Robb Wolf has some great starter guides, starter shopping lists, etc for you Paleo beginners!  He also has a very dry sense of humor which keeps things entertaining during sometimes complicated nutritional advice. – EveryDay Paleo was actually my inspiration to start writing about what I cook. Sarah Fragoso, the writer of the blog, gave me some of my first recipes and always has fresh, fast and easy ideas! – Mark Sisson has great insight into primal living (slightly different than paleo – for more on the difference between paleo and primal, see this CFSB blog: – My good friend Juli Bauer of CrossFit Broadway in Denver writes a funny, lighthearted blog that chronicles the ups and downs of her love affairs – with men & almond butter – all while giving amazing, easy to follow recipes.

Recommended Reading (all available on

Robb Wolf, The Paleo Solution — Robb gives us great scientific evidence on the benefits of Paleo while also focusing on how to make Paleo lifestyle cheap and easy.  He provides meal plans and his humor makes for an easy read.

Loren Cordain, The Paleo Diet — Cordain, one of the “godfathers” of Paleo so to speak, concentrates on medical research to prove his point in this book that really gets into the “whys” and effects of paleo.  He also has a cookbook that has great, simple recipes.

Mark Sisson, The Primal Blueprint – Mark gives us his “Blueprint Lifestyle Laws” that teach us the science and reasoning behind Primal living.  He has an accompanying cookbook as well that comes with a laminated “Primal Shopping List.”

Sarah Fragoso, EveryDay Paleo Cookbook – Sarah not only dishes out some great recipes, but also provides great advice about how to get your whole family active and enjoying Paleo.  She includes sample workouts and exercise plans as well.

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